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With each other: how? November 30, 2007

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Bev’s post about ongoing learning inspired me to also check in with fellow Dialogue people.

A reaction to Bev’s suggestion for ongoing learning:

Great idea, a whole host of things to learn: I’m all for it. I agree that the legitimacy to the rest of the communities can be arranged, especially for some more ‘logical’ combinations. There seem to be quite a few cross-linkages anyway.

As to where should conversations take place? Good question to which I have no answer. I find this blog good for publishing, but not so good for dialoguing. (But I wasn’ t a real fan of the wiki we used either).

Anyone object to Facebook?

I did a quick check and most of us are in the CP2 dialogue Facebook group, but 6 are still missing (Joao, Marc, Patricia, Bill, Martin and Maarten: If you read this have a look here at the group).

I personally like facebook for:

  • -not another extra space and log-in (for many of us)
  • -semi-public: within the group is members-only, on the front page things are public
  • -rather user friendly: with the profiles and embed-options
  • -free, easy access

I don’t like about facebook:

  • -the ‘group’ facilities do not work particularly well. I never ‘follow’ what is going on. Is it possible to get updates?
  • -some people just do not like to be part of large public social networks.

A simple alternative which could work very well is a Google group. Reactions?

A question,

to our own group and more in general: How to get peoples’ attention? All of us are busy, and increasingly, our focus and presence are scattered. E.g. CP2 webcrossing seems to loose its role as a central hang-out. Consequently, it takes more energy (read: persons’ time and dedication) to convene any number of people. for anything. What is the best way to get the focus of a group, for our group? How to compensate the convener/s for all this work?

Making our OWN projects central surely helps, but as we work in different projects it will never work for the group as a whole. During the dialogue, the sponsors’ money and the f2f-part helped. In the Foundations Course, having paid a fee helps. It seems that either paying or rewarding money does help people to get clear on their priorities. Can we think of a distributed project that we could jointly work on? Thoughts?


Observing and learning with each other November 25, 2007

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When I visited Marc shortly after the Dialogue we talked about how rich it was to work with and observe each other in practice, particularly during the time at Theka.

That lead us to imagine the rich learning potential of observing each other in action. For example, I know (through KM4Dev) some of the people in groups convened/facilitated by Marc, and could have some legitimacy in taking the role of observer with those groups.

It would take some preparation to organise the observation and there is a stack to learn from John (and others) in the organisation of “filed trips” into other communities to observe one thing or another. There is also some stuff in the HRD world and in education, and in supervision and coaching methods.

What about some kind of observing of each other and reporting (text, video, f2f) about that as the start of a convening process?

And, next question, where should the conversations about it take place?