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Observing and learning with each other November 25, 2007

Posted by bevtrayner in Ongoing activities.

When I visited Marc shortly after the Dialogue we talked about how rich it was to work with and observe each other in practice, particularly during the time at Theka.

That lead us to imagine the rich learning potential of observing each other in action. For example, I know (through KM4Dev) some of the people in groups convened/facilitated by Marc, and could have some legitimacy in taking the role of observer with those groups.

It would take some preparation to organise the observation and there is a stack to learn from John (and others) in the organisation of “filed trips” into other communities to observe one thing or another. There is also some stuff in the HRD world and in education, and in supervision and coaching methods.

What about some kind of observing of each other and reporting (text, video, f2f) about that as the start of a convening process?

And, next question, where should the conversations about it take place?



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